The Social Network: Projects in the Hospitality Industry

Social Media, Marketing & Design for Hospitality & Entertainment Industries

Welcome to Pasqualina’s portfolio. The Instagram page will make you want to lick your lips, and the catering menu will have you starting parties. Either way you’ll want to head to Pasqualina’s for a coffee, quiche, cakes and milkshakes.

In this example, the images, comments, links, and menu has been created with the brand in mind. A brand and a consistent design will make the difference to your coffee shop, restaurant or venue.

This is a one page design with a gallery that integrates Instagram on the site. It is a WordPress design and the idea was to create a site that integrates social media with information. The menu, and contact details are there to provide information on the business, but the social media allows the owner to take control of their content, updating photos, commenting and writing about any new updates. Whether advertising on Facebook or via Instagram, there is one central place where this all comes together and that is through the WordPress Site.